The Skincare Obsessive – March 2014

Exfoliant Serum: I use this serum every second or third day, it’s a really nice way to incorporate exfoliation into your routine without the use of a harsh scrub. Contains fruit acids as well as a combination of alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids.

Hydra B5 Complex: I use this serum after I have used an exfoliating or deep cleansing mask, I don’t like to use something to active after I have done a peel or mask so this serum is just a nice soothing option. Contains vitamin B5 which is shown to increase hydrating and also help with acne and skin ageing.

Mosturiser With Sunscreen: Paraben free and contains licorice extract which helps to brighten the complexion, also a very important skincare ingredient niacinamide which builds up the skins natural defences. Does contain a sunscreen but if you are outside all day you can follow with the dry touch spf.

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