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I’ve been using your products for a few months now and love them but I just wanted to clarify one thing... Am I able to use the Vit A serum followed by exfoliate serum on the same day (nightly routine?) OR do I need to alternate? I have been using them both daily (first applying vit a then exfoliate serum) my skin seems happy but just wondering if that is in fact wrong??

Thank you for you email and for your support of our skincare range. We are so pleased you love it as much as we do! I would definitely suggest to use the exfoliant FIRST, followed by the vitamin A once the exfoliant is dry.

You can alternate them each night if you wish. This will ensure that you get longer out of you product purchase. Otherwise feel free to continue layering your products each night. They are certainly designed for this regime.

I have been wanting to start using your skincare products but I am unsure what to start off with.. my skin is normal although my face gets dry from time to time, i would like a good moisturiser with sunscreen that I can wear every day as well a night cream or something similar to put on in the evening .. And, I would like to know who stocks your products in Melbourne ? I live in the northern suburbs..

We would suggest starting with our “Moisturiser with sunscreen” for everyday use and our “Hydrating moisturiser” for nighttime. You will find the daytime moisturiser to be  light, fortified with antioxidants and very easy to apply.

Our night time hydrating moisturiser is nourishing, hydrating and is also filled with anti-aging ingredients to regenerate your skin at night. Our Melbourne stockists are listed on our website. I’m sure our stockists would love to hear from you and offer you a complimentary skincare consultation.

Hi Skin Care Company, I've been using your products for over a year now and couldn't be more pleased and satisfied with your products and the results I've seen for my skin. Many thanks to all the team. I have very mild acne and have been using the exfoliant serum which has been helping tremendously. I also came across your Vitamin A serum which can be used with the exfoliant serum on alternative nights. Once per month, on average, I undergo Intense pulsed light (IPL) for my face. I was wondering if the Vitamin A serum is safe to use whilst undergoing this treatment?

Thank-you so much for your feedback and support of our range.
We love hearing positive feedback from our consumers.
Yes, the vitamin A cream can be used over the top of the exfoliant each night, or you can alternate them. Using our vitamin A cream will be ok to use if you are undergoing IPL treatments. Just ensure you are not having IPL after any sun exposure or if you have a tan.
Our Vitamin A cream has been designed to ensure that the dose you are receiving is high enough to give you all the benefits of Vitamin A without the side effects of becoming photo sensitive or inflamed post use. In saying that, you must always wear sunscreen on a daily basis and not actively tan, especially if you are having IPL treatments for sun damage.

I’ve been using your products for a few months now and love them but I just wanted to clarify one thing... Am I able to use the Vit A serum followed by exfoliate serum on the same day (nightly routine?) OR do I need to alternate? I have been using them both daily (first applying vit a then exfoliate serum) my skin seems happy but just wondering if that is in fact wrong??

Thank you for you email and for your support of our skincare range.
We are so pleased you love it as much as we do! I would definitely suggest to use the Exfoliant serum FIRST, followed by the vitamin A once the Exfoliant is dry.
You can alternate them each night if you wish. This will ensure that you get longer out of you product purchase.
Otherwise feel free to continue layering your products each night. They are certainly designed for this regime.

I have been thinking about buying your skincare for a while now and thought I better just take the plunge. In saying that, I would love for some assistance in picking the right products before purchasing. I am 34 years old, I am a little oily and have redness in the T zone of my face. I have quite a few milia spots around my eyes and only occasionally get pimples.

By the sounds of things your skin will benefit from a good routine with products to support your skin type.

Often what we come across in our clinic is a disrupted skin barrier, caused by the use of a cleanser that is doing more harm than good. Often Cleansers with detergents or fragrance will unsettle the skins PH barrier and open up for irritation of excess oil production. So more often than not, by swapping cleansers, we notice a great improvement in the quality of the skin.

For this very reason I would suggest the Daily Cleanser be one of your first purchases. This contains no fragrance or sodium laurel sulphate. Very gentle on the skin. Double cleanse when wearing make up.

In the AM I would consider the following serums:

– Vitamin C – a fantastic antioxidant, to help skin healing, new collagen production, reduce pigmentation production and just a fantastic over all skin brightening serum.

– HB5 serum – This contains Hyaluronic acid which is a molecule that draws moisture into the skin, helping to hydrate the deeper layers of the epidermis. This also contains B5, a soothing and calming B vitamin, great for sensitive skin.

In the AM you would layer these to serums, applying 1 pump of Vitamin C, followed by 1 pump of the HB5 serum. Follow these up with our Moisturiser with Sunscreen.

In the PM, I would first look at the Exfoliant serum. This serum contains both AHA’s and BHA’s to help gently exfoliate the skin and break down build up in the pores. Apply 1 pump of this serum to clean skin and leave on over night for the slow release formulation to work gently on the skin. Hope that helps.

I have been using your products for the past few months and they have been amazing for my adult acne and I now have the best skin I have had in about ten years! Thank you!! I currently use the Daily Cleanser, HB5 serum, Niacinamide serum, Moisturiser with sunscreen, Exfoliant serum, and the Hydrating moisturiser. I was just wondering if it is safe to use all of these products during pregnancy?

Firstly we are so happy you are enjoying the products!
As for using the products during pregnancy, the only question mark is over any product that has Vitamin A which out of the products you are using is the Hydrating Moisturiser (Retinyl Palmitate). While the research on the use of topical Vitamin A during pregnancy is non conclusive (especially at the small dose that we are talking about) some people do have some concerns.
I would suggest that you have a chat to your physician if you have any lingering doubts but all the other products you are applying are all perfectly fine to use.

I am interested in purchasing a few of your products but have a few questions – because of my skin condition I am cautious on using new products, I have rosacea. I would like to know if your products would affect my rosacea, have they been tested on people with rosacea and do you have any products that are specific for rosacea? I am also interested in the vitamin C and the HB5 serum.

As we see quite a lot of people with Rosacea in our practicing clinic (Pamper Clinic) The best method for dealing with this is to introduce HB5, and Vitamin C in the morning and Exfoliant serum at night time.
When you have rosacea it is important to understand that our products will not cure Rosacea but will help to normalise the skin and calm the skin. It is often a requirement for people with Rosacea to see a dermatologist or GP who may prescribe a topical antibiotic gel/cream for your skin to treat it first. Then our products will help maintain the results and strengthen the skin. Traditionally, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) can sting, as can exfoliant serum (alpha and beta hydroxyl acids) So introduce them sparingly and one at a time.

AM – Start with a tiny drop of Vitamin C mixed with HB5 serum in the morning.

PM – Apply the exfoliant every third night. Only use a tiny drop until your skin builds up tolerance.

It is very important to introduce these serums very slowly so that your skin can become accustomed to the active ingredients. We also find laser can help treat rosacea too. Have you tried that?

It is also important to use a fragrance and preservative free daily cleanser as this can often be the culprit for aggravating rosacea.

What anti-aging products do you recommend during pregnancy? I am 42 and have combination skin.

I think it is smart to care for skin throughout pregnancy but don’t overload your skin as it is generally hormonal and constantly in a changing state throughout pregnancy.

AM Routine–
Vit C followed by HB5 Serum

PM Routine–
Exfoliant Serum
light moisturiser.

Keep your routine simple in pregnancy and avoid Vitamin A as a general rule.
If your skin becomes dry our COQ10 hydrating serum will save the day for face AND body!

I have very sensitive skin that is naturally dry but has been prone in breakouts in the t section over the last 10 years. I am currently 36. I was wanting some advice on products to use. I am currently pregnant and despite having glowing skin in the first trimester in the second trimester my skin is not in great condition in the t section again with redness, breakouts and flaky skin. I wondered if you products would suit me now and what you would recommend?

During pregnancy, you will find that your skin is likely to change with increasing hormones. I would suggest some Hyaluronic acid to help hydrate your skin. Our HB5 is a combination of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. This combination helps with hydration and also aids in calming redness and irritation of the skin. I think exfoliant serum (Lactic and salicylic acid) used at night in the TZone area may also help. I would encourage small amounts of this product used only at night. I also think our daily cleanser would be of benefit too.

I’d really like to try your products but don’t know where to start. I’m a 41 year old woman. I have large pores and uneven skin tone due to pregnancy and sun damage. I still get the occasional breakout which heals well but leaves a pigmented blemish which takes months to heal. I’d say my skin type is normal (not dry, not oily). Id like to even out my skin tone and texture – some people say my skin looks “rough. Would really appreciate some professional advice and guidance.

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in our products.

Our suggested morning routine for your skin type would be as follows.

Daily Cleanser
Vitamin C (followed by)

By incorporating our Daily Cleanser you are giving your skin a good clean without using stringent detergents as our cleanser is free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and is also free from fragrance and preservatives.
Our Vitamin C will give your skin the anti-oxidant activity it requires to fight free radical damage and Vit C will also help lighten and brighten your skin. (Not to be used on sensitive areas such as around the nose and on eyelids)
HB5 will hydrate, calm redness and sooth your skin without blocking pores.

You can apply a moisturiser over the top of these serums once they are dry on your skin.

Pore size will reduce with the constant use of BHA (salicylic acid) and the use of vitamin A. Vit A will also help to even out the rough texture of the skin.
So, for your night time routine along with the Daily Cleanser, I would recommend these two products used alternate nights –

Daily Cleanser
Exfoliant serum
Vitamin A cream

NB. Vitamin A not recommended in pregnancy.

I am interested in trying your products, however I have very sensitive skin and I am allergic to synthetic frangrance. Do your products contain fragrance and parabens?

Thank-you for your interest in our products. Our Daily Cleanser would be perfect for you in that it is preservative and fragrance free and specifically developed for sensitive skin. Our active serums like the HB5 and the Vitamin C have minimal fragrance.

I have always had combination skin,but am finding a lot of products are leaving my skin oily within an hour. I want to wear light make up but have always been concerned about my skin tone as it always looks uneven and red. Is their any chance I cam try some samples that you would recommend. I am also a hair and make up artist and would love to be able to confidently recommend a great product to clients.

I would like to recommend the Niacinamide serum for you to help control sebum/oil production and is perfect for applying under a mineral powder makeup in the morning. HB5 serum also would help with your skin tone and redness. As for samples, I can send you some Active Cleanser and Moisturiser but because the Niacinamide and HB5 complex serums are specialty clinic grade items, it is cost prohibitive for us to formulate samples of these.

Are your products or the ingredients tested on animals?

Thanks for your interest in our products. We can assure you that we have never and never will test our products on animals.

I’ve had very very dry irritated sensitive skin this winter and have tried many products over the past 2 months to try and calm my skin down and make it feel hydrated and soft – everything from Chanel, Boots, Clinique, QV. I then stumbled across a blog about The Skincare Company and liked the sound of the products and also the backgrounds of the owners. I thought hey I’ve spend close to $1000 these few months, why not spend a few more. I am so glad I did. I bought the moisturiser along with Serum B5 and A and as soon as I used the moisturiser I felt the difference. It cooled down the redness and felt soft (inside the skin). Now I’ve had a reapply moisturisers 3-5 times during the evening to maintain a ‘soft’ feel with other products, but I only applied once with this product and woke up in the morning with my skin still feeling wonderful. I am now using it as my day cream until my skin starts to feel normal again. Would strongly recommend this product to anyone who is feeling tight skin, redness and sensitivity.

Thank-you for sharing your positive feedback regarding The Skincare Company products and for highly recommending them! Nothing is more satisfying to us than reading positive testimonials about our skincare range. We are very passionate about our product formulations and are so glad they have been well received by your skin! Keep up the routine and yell out if we can be of any further assistance.

I have been using your Vitamin C serum and love it! What else would you recommend to improve the condition of skin for a natural glow?

Thanks for using our Vitamin C. You should definitely try our HB5 serum to be applied straight after the Vitamin C as part of your morning routine. These two products work beautifully together.
Our hero product is the Exfoliant serum and should be used at night to gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

I am wondering how many times I should use your Exfoliant serum per week ?

You should alternate using our Exfoliant serum and our Vitamin A night cream every second night. That is, use our Exfoliant serum one night, then use Vitamin A the next night. That is the ideal night time routine to help regenerate skin cells.

I would like to know which pack would be suitable for broken capillaries. I have been considering the anti aging pack would this help? I am 62 with very slight pigmentation.

If broken capillaries are a concern and slight pigmentation is evident I would recommend a combination of clinical peels, laser treatments in conjunction with skincare. Broken capillaries can be tricky as they tend to flare up with the use of vitamin A. Our Hb5 on the other hand will definitely help calm the redness seen in broken capillaries and will not be in any way harmful, so this product would be a good choice for you. Vitamin C generally helps lighten and brighten pigment, but again, as our products are very active, in sensitive skin types, redness can increase/flare up with the use of L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) so I wouldn’t recommend this.

Our Active cleanser has lactic (AHA) and salicylic (BHA) acid in it to help exfoliate, unclog pores and clean skin thoroughly. This too can irritate broken capillaries if they are sensitive to AHA’s and BHA’s. I think it may be best if you treat the redness with a laser and avoid active products until such time. My advice is to purchase one product at a time and ease your way into the range starting with HB5, 50+ sunscreen and Daily Cleanser.

I have difficult skin, it easily dries out with any “acne” products however breaks out whenever I use “hydrating” products. I’ve heard great reviews on this brand, would you have any suggestions as to which items would be beneficial for someone with skin like mine?

I would recommend using the Vitamin C and HB5 serum (in that order) in the mornings and the exfoliant serum at night to gently shed your dead skin cells until your skin rejuvenates itself. We have had excellent results with these three products and you should see results almost immediately but it is very important to start a morning and night routine and stick to it like a religion.

I have been using a range of your products recommended to me by one of the doctors at the Perth Laser SkinCare clinic. I was seeing them for some laser treatment for rosacea. The laser treatment has helped a bit with the redness, but still get a few red raised spots, so are still taking antibiotics for the rosacea. i would like to stop, but each time I try the spots come back. I’ve been using the active cleanser, the niacinamide serum, Vitamin C and vitamin A, the exfoliant serum, day moisturiser and night moisturiser, as well as the 50+ sunscreen. I have run out of a few of the products and wish to order some more. What do you think would be the best skin regime for me. I am 55 years old.

Thank you for your inquiry and for your support of The Skincare Company.
I would recommend you use our HB5 serum and Vitamin C in the morning. This will calm the redness, heal your skin and boost your skin immunity. The Niacinamide serum is fabulous for controlling sebum production but can sometimes be drying if you don’t have active acne, so depending on whether or not your rosacea is active with pustules, maybe ease off on the Niacinamide and replace it with HB5.

So in short, your morning routine will be as follows.
Daily cleanser, Vitamin C & HB5 followed by Moisturiser with sunscreen.
If your skin feels oily, that day, switch your Vitamin C for Niacinamide.

Evening routine will be Daily cleanser, Exfoliant serum followed by Hydrating moisturiser
Alternate nights do the same but switch Exfoliant for Vitamin A and no need for moisturiser.
By alternating nights your products will last longer and you will have less layering each night with your routine.

You will notice I have switched you from Active cleanser to daily. This is because the daily is just as good in terms of active ingredients but has no fragrance and no preservative. These two things can sometimes irritate rosacea.

The products are designed to help rosacea so just persist and know that you are doing the right thing. Don’t be too fussy about using everything all at once. Alternating products each day is great for your skin as it ensures you are using all the most important products for your skin but not necessarily all at once.

Please never hesitate to contact us. Sounds like Perth Skin and laser are doing a great job in recommending a treatment plan for you that incorporates laser and skincare. I know that when I suffered from severe rosacea, laser was a blessing and the skincare was my maintenance. I did incorporate a topical antibioctic gel called Rozex gel which also helped me.