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Avoid the winter blues with glowy & hydrated skin


As the temperature drops and the wind and rain set in, we know winter is well and truly upon us. Along with the change of season, naturally so do a lot of our daily habits. During the cooler months we tend to crave warmer foods, move our bodies less, reduce our water intake and enjoy longer hotter showers and baths, which can contribute to that dreaded winter dehydrated, dry, dull skin that can result.

Now is the perfect time to rethink our skincare routines to accommodate these external and internal factors and to ensure we are nourishing our bodies from the inside and out.

Here are some of the basics to begin with :-

  • Reduce the amount of time we spend under a hot shower, direct heat is extremely dehydrating, use the time to add in exfoliating to prevent dead cell build-up
  • Use a water bottle that is measured and aim to drink over half by lunchtime ensuring you drink at least 2 litres per day
  • Monitor your caffeine intake and perhaps try a herbal tea or soothing cacao instead
  • Avoid sitting directly in front of heating, instead layer up and sit a little further away
  • Exercise increases circulation and lymphatic flow which are both needed for healthy skin. A brisk walk will ultimately increase circulation as well as maintaining healthy oxygenated skin
  • Add nourishing oils to your evening bath
  • Regularly exfoliating the skin helps with cellular renewal, reducing dry skin build up and assists in the absorption of treatment serums and actives 
  • Hydrating, nourishing masks are a weekly must
  • Introducing a home roller increases circulation and allows for greater penetration of antioxidants such as Vitamin C
  • Change up your cleanser to a more hydrating formulation such as an oil or creme
  • Switch to a richer moisturiser that is designed to protect the surface of the skin’s barrier preventing dehydration and trans epidermal water loss




Healthy Skin is both an inside and outside job, regardless of the season.

However some vitamins work better at counteracting the issues we typically see during the cooler months. To keep our bodies operating at their most optimal, making smart choices and choosing nourishing foods and skincare that contains nourishing vitamins is vital.

Let’s look at the vitamins our skin needs to remain vital, hydrated, smooth and plump during the cold winter months;

B3 Niacinamide – a water binding vitamin that reduces TEWL -Trans Epidermal Water Loss and encourages collagen synthesis.

B5 – a water soluble vitamin found in fish, avocado, eggs, chicken, beef and lentils assists in the healing, repair and strengthening of the skin.

Vitamin C – a water soluble vitamin and our strongest antioxidant ingredient which helps prevent external pollutants and aggressors from prematurely ageing the skin. This vitamin brightens and clarifies the tone and texture of the skin and can be used topically or found in citrus fruits, potatoes, broccoli and strawberries.

Vitamin A – a fat soluble vitamin that is vital for cellular health and regulation. This vitamin maintains the texture of the skin and increases dermal collagen and promotes healthy cell turnover. Found in oily fish, egg yolk, mango, grapefruit, carrots and sweet potatoes.

Zinc – an anti-inflammatory which promotes healing and soothes the skin. Found in cashews, chickpeas and pumpkin seeds.

Our range also supports all your winter skin needs, here are a few of the standouts:

Our hero serums, best used layered and in conjunction with each other to work synergistically together –

Vitamin C Serum (Zinc)

HB5 Serum (Hyaluronic Acid)

B3 Serum (Niacinamide)

Vitamin A Serum (Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate)

Hydration Booster Serum (Coenzyme Q10, Bakuchiol and nourishing Jojoba Oil)



Weekly Self Care Rituals 

Hydrating Facial

  1. Pre Cleanse – massage 2 pumps of our lush, soothing Cleansing Oil onto dry skin. Spend time massaging, adding warm water to convert the oil into a light milky texture, then wipe to remove. (Perfectly safe to use around the eye area too)
  2. Second Cleanse – emulsify one pump of our Daily Cleanser with warm water, massage and rinse to remove.
  3. Exfoliate – spread a 5 cent piece of our Facial Scrub all over the face, leave for 3 minutes to allow the AHA/BHA to work. Massage gently with warm water and rinse off.
  4. Mask – apply our exceptionally hydrating and plumping Dual Peptide Sheet Maskmassaging any excess serum onto the neck area. It can be left on for up to 20 mins or until all the product has been absorbed. The gel like texture will infuse the skin with Vitamins B3, B5, Zinc, Hyaluronic Acid and peptides.
  5. Massage – Apply 2 pumps of Hydration Booster into hands and massage over the face and neck in upwards sweeping movements. Leave this plumping oil on overnight to wake up with skin that feels refreshed, plump and bright.

Weekly Skin Rituals Body Boosting Treatment

During the colder weather we mostly keep our bodies covered under warm layers and are quick to get dressed after bathing, so the skin on our bodies gets forgotten. Unfortunately the skin cells build up at this time and we generally become dry, scaly and dull all over, so a weekly ritual of self-care time out to relax and rejuvenate the body is essential to maintaining our skin’s barrier and health.

  1. Draw a warm bath and add 6 pumps of our Hydration Booster and swirl into the water
  2. Prior to jumping into the bath, dry body brush the body with circular motions towards the heart stimulating circulation and lymphatic flow
  3. Apply Facial Scrub to the neck/d├ęcolletage and the backs of your hands and  jump into the bath. Massage the scrub into those areas well, use the warm water to remove and soak for 8 mins 
  4. Towel off and apply our lush Body Lustre generously all over your body and allow to work overnight. Whilst you rest this beauty will totally wipe out any rough, dry areas on your body revealing freshly hydrated smooth textured skin. Voila! Glowy, smooth, hydrated skin.

Whilst self care is imperative and we can do so much at home, boosting the benefits of home care products with in-salon treatments is an absolute must. Winter is the perfect time to tackle that pesky pigmentation post summer and resurface any textural issues you may have with your skin.

 The Skin Care Company has you covered with our Clinical In Salon Chemical Peels, whether it’s our Plump and Restore to hydrate and smooth, our Deep and Meaningful peel to brighten pigment and smooth texture, or to treat congested, acne skins our Complexion Perfection peel we have you sorted. (For optimal results peels are best performed in a series fortnightly).

For those that want pure indulgence and are after a Medi-Facial with all the bells and whistles, try our newly launched Enzyme Treatment. With no downtime and is pregnancy/breast feeding safe this soothing, brightening Enzyme rich mask with botanical and plant based ingredients will have you walking on air and your skin feeling fresh, renewed and rejuvenated .

Visit one of our many stockists to indulge and treat yourself this winter.