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Rebecca Judd – Rebecca Judd Loves – November 2015


We all know that women are getting busier and busier. Whether you be a flat out mum, a career girl, managing your time between studying and a social life (or all 4!), like seriously, who has time to be fluffing around with a gazillion different skincare products? Sometimes it’s good to get it done quickly and in the most effective fashion.

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely partial to the magic of serums and use them religiously when I have the time, but when I’m in a crazy work-life-social phase (like right now post Spring Racing madness and about to embark on a 21 days in a row work slog), I simply don’t have time to be hanging around in my bathroom applying layers and layers of the good stuff. I want to cleanse, whack on a product that does it all and then drag my weary bottom off to bed because Lord knows, I’ll be up at the crack of dawn.

So let me break it down for you with the best fuss free routine going around because yes, you can cleanse and then use a single product that takes care of your hydration, anti-oxidant and anti-aging concerns, all in one serum. Voila!

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Rebecca Judd – Rebecca Judd Loves – August 2015

If you’ve been reading RJL for a while you’ll know that I’m a serum CONVERT. Yep, since I turned 30 and realised that my next milestone birthday is 40 (gulp), I started thinking that the good old cleanse and moisturise routine (with the odd IPL session) simply wouldn’t cut the mustard anymore and so I started experimenting with serums. Why? Simply because I want to preserve the youthfulness of my skin, plus I find the use of serums stops pigmentation and also acne (yes, I still get those big bangers on my chin from time to time).

I started using The Skincare Company (TSC) about 4 months ago and have since converted my family and friends. Created by Joanne Auld (CEO of Pamper Clinic) in conjunction with leading plastic surgeon, Mr Peter Callan, and a prominent bio physicist, TSC uses only active ingredients based on scientific and clinical research which creates real results and here’s the best part….. it won’t break the bank. Serums can be super expensive but the TSC products are far more reasonable (and we’ve got a 25% discount for RJL readers- read on). And did I mention TSC products leave the nasties out and aren’t tested on animals? Even better!

So what exactly do I use, why do I use them and when? Keep reading!

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The Blonde Perfectionist – January 2015

A big hello to all of my amazing readers! I hope you all have so far had an amazing week and that the feels just around the corner like it does for me! I have been bursting at the seams to share this review with you all so let’s just jump straight into it. Fresh off the plane and back in Australia after being overseas, I arrived home to be greeted with a large “tiffany blue” box waiting for me..and no, this was no delivery of jewels.

The amazing team from The Skincare Company had sent me a sample box of their specialised facial range to try (in full size!) and there couldn’t have been a better time to be introduced to this brand. Backed by scientific formulas using active ingredients, their range of skin care products have been formulated by plastic surgeon Mr. Peter Callan and his team of clinical nurses along with a compounding pharmacist, so my confidence an expectations in this range started off at an all time high. From the European sun to the salty seas of Croatia, my dehydrated skin was begging for an antidote that would bring the life right back into the most important skin on my body! This was the moment that my love blossomed for The Skincare Company.

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Emma Clapham – Who Loves That – June 2014

I can’t tell you how many times I have read skincare features in magazines and blogs only to feel more confused and bad about myself. I mean how many times do I have to read that this person has “naturally good skin” but  I should “try this” or look at people who have uploaded photos of themselves without any makeup on looking amazing to their instagram or blogs just to feel even worse about myself?

Before you read this interview I wanted to preface by saying I have had bad skin my whole life. Actually year 11 and 12 were good (oddly enough), but apart from those years, it has been a constant battle. I thought the older we got the better your skin was meant to get? Apparently not for me, but don’t worry there is light at the end of this article.

I recently met with Joanne Auld, Co- founder and managing director of Pamper Clinic and the driving force behindThe Skincare Company to discuss what I could do for my skin. (This was not the first time I have met with someone, I can’t tell you how many consultations and skincare products I have tried).

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