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Eleanor Pendleton – Gritty Pretty – May 2014

Post by on May 25, 2014

While the importance of cleansing, moisturising and applying sunscreen has been the mainstay of women’s magazines for years, exfoliation has often been relegated to a necessary evil.

However, the truth is that at the heart of healthy skin lies good exfoliation – and it just so happens there’s two types: manual and chemical.

Manual exfoliation involves using a skin brush or an abrasive scrub (the one you are probably most familiar with) to slough off dead cells; while chemical exfoliation occurs when you apply a product – like The Skincare Company Exfoliant Serum – that contains ingredients such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids that dissolve those dead skin cells without the need for physical scrubbing.

Plus, when it removes dull surface skin, fresh cell turnover is encouraged and skin discolouration and excess pigmentation can be reduced.

And, as this exfoliant serum is formulated with lactic acid, it’s best used every second night so you wake to seriously smooth skin.

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Beautyholics Anonymous – May 2014

Post by on May 25, 2014

Just before I get to the review, I have to admit that this sponsored article was exceedingly difficult to write. Sponsored reviews consume a lot of brain juice because the review still has to be honest even though it’s a paid one. There’s a fine line between raving about it because you really like it or raving about it because you’re compensated to do so. This is the first time I’ve ever done a sponsored review and it should have been published weeks ago. The reason I mulled over it for so long was because I had difficulty bringing the message across to you without making it so damn glowing just because I was compensated for it.

Y’see, I was hoping to find something I won’t like about this product just so it doesn’t seem so damn positive. Then again, if I didn’t like the product and said I did, I’d be lying and you’d so call me out on it. This is my dilemma: I love this product. I really didn’t expect to like it that much. But if it’s such a glowing review, then you’d call me out on it because hello, I was paid for it.
Know what I mean? Can I just say please take my word for it, it’s really good and you must try it out? Geez, Tine. Presumptuous much? But really, even if I wasn’t compensated for this, I’d still sing praises about it because it’s just that good.
After rambling on for 3 paragraphs, we really should get to the review, shouldn’t we?

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The Skincare Obsessive – March 2014

Exfoliant Serum: I use this serum every second or third day, it’s a really nice way to incorporate exfoliation into your routine without the use of a harsh scrub. Contains fruit acids as well as a combination of alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids.

Hydra B5 Complex: I use this serum after I have used an exfoliating or deep cleansing mask, I don’t like to use something to active after I have done a peel or mask so this serum is just a nice soothing option. Contains vitamin B5 which is shown to increase hydrating and also help with acne and skin ageing.

Mosturiser With Sunscreen: Paraben free and contains licorice extract which helps to brighten the complexion, also a very important skincare ingredient niacinamide which builds up the skins natural defences. Does contain a sunscreen but if you are outside all day you can follow with the dry touch spf.

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