Beautyholics Anonymous – May 2014

Just before I get to the review, I have to admit that this sponsored article was exceedingly difficult to write. Sponsored reviews consume a lot of brain juice because the review still has to be honest even though it’s a paid one. There’s a fine line between raving about it because you really like it or raving about it because you’re compensated to do so. This is the first time I’ve ever done a sponsored review and it should have been published weeks ago. The reason I mulled over it for so long was because I had difficulty bringing the message across to you without making it so damn glowing just because I was compensated for it.

Y’see, I was hoping to find something I won’t like about this product just so it doesn’t seem so damn positive. Then again, if I didn’t like the product and said I did, I’d be lying and you’d so call me out on it. This is my dilemma: I love this product. I really didn’t expect to like it that much. But if it’s such a glowing review, then you’d call me out on it because hello, I was paid for it.
Know what I mean? Can I just say please take my word for it, it’s really good and you must try it out? Geez, Tine. Presumptuous much? But really, even if I wasn’t compensated for this, I’d still sing praises about it because it’s just that good.
After rambling on for 3 paragraphs, we really should get to the review, shouldn’t we?

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