Our Story


The Skincare Company was founded to fill a void in the market for a range of skin care products that was actually based on years of patient feedback. Existing brands did not always meet the needs of our patients so after combining forty years of feedback and clinical experience, we discovered what our patients were looking for but could not find. This research revealed to us that our patients wanted proven effectiveness and a fuss free routine that was not only going to actively help their skin but was good value for money. The Skincare Company offers a system of skin care products that has minimum side effects and an easy to understand regime that will work for everyone.

Our passion is helping people achieve the best skin possible by offering them
a skincare regime that is affordable, easy to follow and extremely effective.

Why Use Our Products?

Extremely Effective and Fuss Free

Backed by scientific formulas using active ingredients, our range of skin care products has been developed by compounding pharmacists in conjunction with a leading plastic surgeon and a prominent bio-physicist. This allowed The Skincare Company to only use the best possible raw materials and ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness. The Skincare Company range of anti-aging skincare has been a collaboration of years of patient feedback regarding what works and what doesn’t. The correct concentrations and the use of active cosmeceuticals have made this range a huge success. The omission of ingredients that are of no benefit to your skin has ensured that your skin is not exposed to harmful “filler” ingredients that are often used in other skincare brands.